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Customer Login

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Service Estimator is so easy to use! Simply click the Desktop icon and login. User name and password is established during initial setup.

Desktop Icon

Login Screen



Click the "Create Estimate" button on the console to open the Estimate Generator, which is designed to capture all the customer information you will need to produce a contract document. The proposal numbers are automatically generated each time you set up a new location. The 'Customer Name' dropdown control allows you to select a pre-existing customer without having to type in new information every time you create a new proposal for that customer. And to make it even easier, if the billing address and location address happen to be the same, simply click the icon to copy the data over to the Location Information fields. When the location record is saved the information is stored in the customers file as a "Job Site"  

Estimate Generator

Create Estimate

The "Customer Manager" contains all job site and billing information, including Outlook Reminders and photo storage features. Perform sorts by keyword, status and estimator. One of the most significant benefits of this form is the snapshot of all available pricing options to view at a glance. No matter which maintenance program type you choose when you set up a new estimate, Service Estimator automatically calculates them all, which can give you a competitive advantage in advance.

Customer Manager

Customer Manager

The "Equipment Editor" allows you to view, add or edit a wide range of equipment types. If you come across a unique piece of equipment that's not in the list, you simply create the criteria based on your own experience. This is just one of the many ways you will continue to enjoy the benefits of using Service Estimator.

Equipment Editor

Equipment Editor


From the 'Equipment Data' form you can access several hundred types and sizes of pre-installed equipment data, including control types. There are several hundred filter & belt types and sizes pre-installed in this database. After you have entered an equipment type and all relative data you can drop down to include belts and filters from the sub-form below, as well as create a specific maintenance task schedule.

Equipment Data

Equipment Data Form


Equipment Data Maintenance Tasks


Filter and Belt data forms are accessible from the "Equipment Data" form to add type, size, quantity, change frequency, and cost per unit. Again, convenient pull down menus allow you to select type and size with ease. Equipment data is transferred to these forms and relates to the Equip ID specific for the location. And notice that you can add multiple belts and filters, for each unit, from one form.  

Filter Data

Belt Data

Filter Data Form

Belt Data Form


Since service rates are usually based on market demand, we have included a "Default Estimate Rates" table so you can adjust the rates your company requires to stay competitive. You set these parameters once and all proposals generated maintain the same profitability standards.

Default Estimate Rates  

This form is protected from unwanted tampering. Entering the Level 1 (Administrator) password unlocks the form for editing. When it is unlocked the text turns blue, which means it is open in edit mode.

Default Estimate Rates - Edit

Default Rates Editor

These are just a few of the features in Service Estimator that will enhance the way you do business.