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Upgrades - What you can expect


Over 70% of all upgrades are a direct result of feedback from contractors using Service Estimator. The rest come from potential customers that are trying the software for the first time on a trial basis and like it, but have suggestions on how to improve it. They usually end up purchasing the software*

We solicit feedback from users around the world resulting in periodic, minor upgrades. These upgrades are based on suggestions for improvement by contractors that have specific needs, which generally benefits everyone. Some recent improvements include:

  • Price Override From time-to-time an estimate needs to be adjusted in order to negotiate the agreement with a customer. For example, your estimate comes out at $12,280. The customer tells you that he will pay an even $12,000. Do you tell them no...or do you negotiate the difference? Now you can change the selling price without skewing the estimate data. A price override button has been added, which allows you to reduce or escalate the annual value of the estimate. This will change the billing amount and populate the new values in your estimate and reports. Disabling the price override will cause your price to be recalculated back to the original estimate values.

  • Customize Proposals This form, accessible from the Console, has been redesigned and now allows you to view, modify and refresh all of the document templates in your Word library. You can also browse to a different set of document templates that you may have created elsewhere on your computer.

  • Create New Estimate The fields have been unlocked in the customer data section allowing you to freely enter data on the fly if all you have is the Customer Name in the list. Validation has been removed from all fields except for the Location Name field, which remains a required field prior to completing a new estimate record.

  • Equipment Editor A ‘Copy Equipment Type’ feature has been added to the form allowing you to duplicate an equipment type, including all labor and materials data, as well as all related maintenance tasking. This will prevent you from having to create new equipment data when you have a similar type of equipment but need to identify it as something different.

  • Personnel Manager This form has been completely redesigned. The edit feature has been disabled and the icons removed. The data fields have been unlocked and you can now freely edit any of the data on the fly. The Employee Name field remains a required field. You can now edit the user name to be any name you want.

  • Easy to set up and use An installation wizard walks you through the set up, step-by-step. Also, our Support Website offers guidance and answers to Frequently asked questions.

Trial Users If you are using a trial version of Service Estimator we encourage your feedback as well. Many customers have purchased the software based on suggestions like, "If it would do this, we would buy it." We listened...and promised the solution! Consequently, everyone benefits from other contractors ideas about how the software would better serve the needs of the user.


* Results based on an internal study to determine the bulk of upgrade suggestions.