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Refund Policy


The Service Estimator software can be evaluated, free of charge, through a fully-functional trial version that can be downloaded directly from our web site. Use the trial before you purchase to ensure that the product will be compatible with your computer systems and satisfy your requirements. If you do not, you accept that the product may not meet your needs and that this will not justify a refund or chargeback. If you experience an issue with our software, then please contact customer support for help in solving the problem.


All sales are final and refunds are provided only for accidental duplicate orders. Refunds will only be made to the credit card or PayPal account through which the original purchase was made. An administration fee may apply in such cases to cover processing costs and third-party commissions.


Ordering a software license signifies your acceptance of the licensing terms and this Refund Policy.


We don't provide replacement licenses for crashed or discarded computers. Once installed, licenses are 'only' transferable to another computer using the deactivate/reinstall process available through your Customer Portal.  If you need to license a new or different computer and don't want to deactivate an old one, you must purchase additional licenses. (See License; Item 1. - License Grant)


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