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Commercial Service Agreement Sales - Classroom Training

Business Acumen — What Is It? 

Business acumen is keenness and speed in understanding and deciding on a business situation.

In practice, people with business acumen are thought of as having business 'sense' or business 'smarts'.  They are able to obtain essential information about a situation, focus on the key objectives, recognize the relevant options available for a solution, select an appropriate course of action and set in motion an implementation plan to get the job done.  When they discover that changes are required to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, they make the adjustments as necessary and keep the activity moving forward.  They are more often right than wrong in their assessments and choices and are admired by others both for their acumen and business success.


Source: Financial Times


Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Conceptual Selling

  • Marketing Approach

  • Sales Process Overview

  • First Structured Meetings

  • Qualifying & Financial Analysis

  • Confirming Information & Financials

  • Proposal Generating and Presenting

Course Syllabus


Winning More Sales with Business Acumen



Instructor information:

Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts 

“Mark is truly an innovative leader in the HVAC industry. Attending his Estimating class was the best investment I ever made. Now I understand the benefit of selling full service maintenance agreements.”

- Todd Hunt, Gateway Mechanical


Mark Roberts has thirty-five years of experience in the HVAC industry as a sales person, manager, trainer, consultant, and entrepreneur and a strong background in commercial business management and sales. Mark’s primary focus has been to provide contractor owners and managers with the training, tools and resources to grow commercial service. He has also worked with several contractors to develop and standardize the sales process and introduce better tools for selling planned maintenance service agreements.


Mark was also a top performer for a LINC ® Service mechanical contractor, performing sales and management duties. Besides owning his own commercial contracting business, he has taught Commercial Service Agreement Sales, Strategic Sales Management and Service Estimating classes for contractors in the United States and Canada.