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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the system requirements?

Service Estimator requires the following minimums:


Operating System

Windows XP Pro/Windows 7/Windows 8 or Server 2003 operating system.

Note: Windows XP Pro must have SP3 (Service Pack 3) installed 



Microsoft Access 2007 or later 

Microsoft Word 2007 or later (for use with document templates)


Service Estimator is designed on a Microsoft Access platform. If you do not have MS Access installed on your computer the install program will detect that it isn't present and attempt to automatically download the appropriate runtime software based on you version of Office (2007, 2010 or 2013)


Can I add equipment types?

Yes! Service Estimator supports equipment customization. Although the equipment data tables include hundreds of equipment types and sizes, we are sure you will run across something that is not in the list. Therefore, we made it convenient for you to add and define any type of equipment you wish, including the ability to add material costs for maintenance and repairs. Any custom equipment types that you create are stored in your company data file so you can use them over and over again.


Can I use multiple labor rates?

Yes! You can use an average labor rate for two categories. Labor Grade Level 1 (journeyman) & Labor Grade Level 2 (mechanic). The percentage of time spent on the job for each custom labor rate is set in the equipment data tables.


Are your estimates competitive?

The estimates you get using Service Estimator are as profitable or unprofitable as you want them to be. You have complete control of the pricing strategy. The labor hours used in Service Estimator are designed to be profitable if you follow the Default Pricing Rates setup instructions in the user guide document. Review "Establishing Default Estimate Rates" in the "How Do I..." section of Help Online.


What types of agreements do you have?

Service Estimator will generate five types of agreement documents:

  • Programmed Maintenance (PM)

  • Programmed Maintenance PLUS (PMP)

  • Total Service Protection (TSP)

  • Total Lifetime Protection (TLP) and

  • Building System Analysis (BSA)

How much will upgrades cost?

Maintenance is included the 1st year, after which you must pay an annual renewal fee (based on which version you purchased) in order to continue to receive technical support (as needed) and periodic updates, as they are available. Add-ons, such as custom reports, will be an additional fee.


Can I get a Free Trial?

Yes! You can download a FREE, fully functional, 10-day trial version. All you have to do is register. Software is available by 'download" ONLY


Can I get a personal demonstration?

Yes! We use GoToMeeting® to demonstrate the software for as large an audience as you wish. These demos are interactive and conducted live. We let you test drive to get a feel for how easy it is to use. Take as long as you like. These meetings aren't timed. You will find it easy to comprehend. The program is very intuitive. Just request a demonstration and we will send you a GoToMeeting invitation.


What About Training?

We conduct "hands-on" classroom training events throughout the year. This allows you to interact with other contractors and qualifies you to participate in our user group. The best comprehension comes from a classroom environment. Or, if you prefer, we can conduct a GoToMeeting® online training session, which allows you to register up to 10 participants in one half-day session over the Internet.


How do I purchase Service Estimator?

Simply click the Pricing link in the navigation bar above. You can purchase a Single User license or you can invest in one of our Network Capable versions. If you are using a fully functional trial version and it expires before you can purchase Service Estimator, you can be assured that you will be able to download the most current upgrade available. Our software is checked and updated regularly, so upgrades are current.

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