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Create Estimate Record

Create a new estimate record with just a few clicks. There is a convenient copy feature for populating location information when data is the same as the billing information. This saves a lot of time. Data can then be edited manually, as required. Enter the 'round trip' miles to the job, daily parking costs, if any, and select an agreement type. That's it! Saving the new estimate record will open the job manager, where you will build your estimate.

Estimate Generator

Build your entire estimate in the jobs manager form. Here you will add equipment, filters, belts, service requirements that are outside the scope of planned maintenance, and even include subcontracted services, if required. Data is stored in each relative tab for record viewing. The form will be pre-populated with the estimate status of 'Draft' until the proposal is delivered to the customer, at which time you change the status to Submitted, Accepted or Rejected.

Job Manager

Add equipment type and size from over 1,200 pieces of equipment provided in the Service Estimator's database. Enter pertinent data such as Unit ID, Model #, Serial #, Location and Age.  All other data will default from the equipment table, which is editable at the estimate level to whatever you want it to be. You can even add job site photos for each piece of equipment in your estimate.

Step 1 - Add Equipment

Add belts and filters from the equipment data form while you have it open. If necessary, you can always go back and revisit the equipment and add filters and belts later.

Step 2 - Add Filters and Belts

A completed estimate is ready to be printed onto one of five (5) different agreement types; 3 different styles. Choose your document template based on the agreement type you selected. The blue 'Proposed' flag will be located next to the agreement type intended to be sold.

Job Manager - Complete Estimate

Service Estimator uses MS Word to merge the estimate data to a document template. Select from the list of provided templates or create your own. Service Estimator is 100% editable. So the look and feel is entirely up to you to decide the best way to market and present your company's image.

Merge Data to a Proposal Template