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Service Estimator - Classroom Training


If you are already using Service Estimator to calculate your maintenance agreement estimates, this is an excellent opportunity for you to maximize the benefits of using the software as a complete "sales management system". If you are not using Service Estimator, you will want to attend this class to find out why you should be.


Register to attend this "hands-on" training and get an in depth look at the Service Estimator maintenance agreement estimating software.


We will cover the following:


Review the Features and Functions of Service Estimator

  • Logging In: console, controls, etc.

  • Using "System Options" for security preferences, establishing a database connection

  • Using "Business Options" to establish corporate or personal preferences

  • Default Estimate Rates. How they are established and how to edit at the customer level?

  • Contact Manager - Establishing a database of prospects, notes and reminders

Customer Manager, Survey Forms, Database Tables

  • Customer Manager - navigation, copy, add and filter estimates

  • Review and explanation of survey forms

  • How to use/edit equipment, filter and belt tables

Creating a New Estimate

  • Setting up a new job site

  • Review agreement type, terms & conditions

  • Agreement type selection

Editing an Estimate

  • Analyzing for expected results

  • Use of estimate reports

  • Live interaction - review editing an estimate

Generating a proposal. Printing reports

  • Editing/adding proposal templates

  • Review estimate reports

  • Review sales activity reports

Cost of this training is $395/person for the entire two-day session. Payment is required in advance and will be requested upon completion of the registration process.


*If you have the Service Estimator software installed and operating on your laptop, bring it with you. If not, we will give you a 10-day trial to install before class begins.



Instructor information:

Mark Roberts


“Mark is truly an innovative leader in the HVAC industry. Attending his Estimating class was the best investment I ever made. Now I understand the benefit of selling full service maintenance agreements.”

- Todd Hunt, Gateway Mechanical

Mark Roberts has over thirty-five years of experience in the HVAC industry as a sales person, manager, trainer, consultant, and entrepreneur and a strong background in commercial business management and sales. Mark’s primary focus has been to provide contractor owners and managers with the training, tools and resources to grow commercial service. He has also worked with several contractors to develop and standardize the sales process and introduce better tools for selling maintenance service agreements.

Mark was also a top performer for a LINC ® Service mechanical contractor, performing sales and management duties. Besides owning his own commercial contracting business, he has taught Commercial Service Agreement Sales, Strategic Sales Management and Service Estimating classes for contractors in the United States and Canada.