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Manage Maintenance Labor and Materials Costs

The labor data in the equipment table has stood the test of time for over 35 years. Periodic updates of the materials costs are inevitable based on annual escalations from vendors. However, since Service Estimator is 100% editable to your liking, the profitable outcome of all maintenance estimates are completely within your own control.

Equipment Types

Equipment is sorted by type, size, labor hours and materials per Annual Inspection, Operational Inspection, and Repairs. This data can be edited manually here or globally using the Global Updates calculator.

Add/Edit Maintenance Tasks, As Required

Maintenance tasks are preloaded for annual, operational, startup, shutdown inspections, etc. You can add/edit tasks, as required.

View/Add Equipment Type Codes

The equipment table already contains over 1,200 types and sizes, but if the current list of equipment type codes do not describe a piece of equipment that you need to add to the table, simply create a new type code before you add your equipment. This gives you a permanent reference to build your types, sizes, labor and materials costs.

Globally Update Tables

From time-to-time it will be necessary to update the values in your equipment, filter and belt tables, as previously mentioned. This is easily done using the global updates calculating feature that is built into Service Estimator. You can choose whether to update your costs using either a dollar amount or a percentage.

Manually Edit Tables

You can manually update the data in the equipment, filter and belt tables using the forms available in Service Estimator

Equipment Data Editor

Filter Data Editor

Belt Data Editor

Table Reports

You can review and print the equipment, filter and belt reports. We recommend doing this prior to editing any data to assure that you do not duplicate types, costs or sizes.

Equipment Pricing List

Filter Pricing List

Belt Pricing List