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Agreement Types and Coverages

Service Estimator will calculate five types of agreements - PM, PMP, TSP, TLP & BSA. Described below, you will find that these are the most common types of negotiated service agreements on the market today.

  • PM - Programmed Maintenance - This is a "labor only" agreement to provide inspection and maintenance labor ONLY. view document

  • PMP - Programmed Maintenance PLUS - This is a "full labor" agreement - No Parts, components or refrigerant. view document

  • TSP - Total Service Protection - This is a "full coverage" agreement including maintainable components & parts (such as compressors, motors, etc.), refrigerant and all required labor. view document

  • TLP - Total Lifetime Protection - This is a "full coverage" agreement including both maintainable and non-maintainable components, parts, refrigerant and all required labor. view document

  • BSA - Building System Analysis - This is a one time only agreement to assess and determine overall conditions of the equipment and systems. It includes diagnostic labor. view document 

Click a link in the "Tasks" column for a description of each service component.

Test & Inspection
Maintenance Labor
Repair Labor    
Emergency Labor
Small Parts & Refrigerant      
Major Repair Parts
Non-Maintainable Items        

Three (3) example templates come pre-installed with Service Estimator, all 100% editable with Microsoft Word.


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